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Enhancing Fitness of Your Fitness Business

Gym / Fitness Studio / Yoga Centre / Fitness Club

Increase your fitness business. Improve your customer satisfaction. Transform your business into paperless environment.

Personal Trainers

Manage your customers with easy to use online tool. Create fitness routine for your clients online and monitor their performance. Get more online customer and make it more profitable.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Nurturing Fitness of your Fitness Business is as essential as you nurture your client’s fitness. Letting you freely focus on your fitness expertises and allows you to comfortably  mange your business from any corner of the world, on any device or platform be it laptop, desktop, tab and mobile device, based on any operating system Windows, Android or IOS. This allows you redefine success on your own terms and enables you to explore new success horizon with your full potentials. 

Stay ahead of your competition!

Increase Your Brand Value!

Increase your sales conversion!

Increase your revenue from your existing customer!

Enquiry Management

Manage your Enquiry which can make most conversion.

Member Management

Manage end to end members life cycle.

Workout Management

Get an extra edge with powerful workout tool.

Staff Management

Manage your staff with access control and monitoring

Do you run Fitness Club ?

Are you Personal Trainer?

If you are owning or managing gym / fitness studio / yoga centre / Zumba classes, or even a personal trainer, Fitness Pro League provides you unique access for your brand with your own Branding option. Set your own logo, images, videos. you can setup your workout programs, setup phases, sell your brands products, manage your equipments , mange your group classes and measure your clients performance. Give them diet plans, manage their attendance and most importantly you can track their payment schedule.

Workout Routine

Create workout routine for your clients and allocate them. Keep track of their workouts and check their progress. Make more success stories and customer satisfaction.

Custom Exercises

Want to standout different in crowd! You have your own style of exercise! Yes, you are at the right place. Create your own exercise list. Make do’s and don’ts list. Upload your own images or link with your youtube video to guide your customer in better way. Get more online training sales.

Diet Plans

We all know that diet is key to achieve fitness goals. Make a diet plan for your customer and share with them. Track their diet including their water intake.

Make your own recipes

Get freedom to create your recipes and allocate to your clients. Feed them with your rich knowledge and lead them to success path of their fitness goal. 

Member Access

Give your client access of your custom application with your own branding, logo, slogan, images and exercise. Improve your brand and imprint it on your customers mind. 

Online Coaching Resources

Self Branding

Set your logo, slogan, images, your own exercises, exercises video and your instructions to give you and your customer personalised feel as your own product.

Role Base Staff Access

You have large team to manage, Great! Setup role base limited access or full access. Secure your and customer’s data.

Universal Accessibility

Application is device agnostic, be it Web, IOS, Android application, it can be accessed and installed on any device and get unified user experience.

Find Success Formula For Your Fitness Business. Learn to Make More Money & Increase Customer Satisfaction.

In steep competition around you its not easy to sustain your existing clients and attract new clients without going extra mile. Improving customer experience and satisfaction is key to your success. 

In current digital age managing enquiry, membership, workout allocation, member check-in / check-out, body measurement, diet plan, equipment maintenance, staff management all of these must be available at your finger tips and anywhere you go around the world.   

Staff performance report, sales and enquiry trends, floor utilisation and customer feedbacks gives you key insight of your business performance.

Fitness Pro League gives you personalised and powerful tool to manage all these from single platform at your finger tips and you are just a step away for getting all these instantly. 

Let’s Make Your Fitness Business More Profitable!!! Start Now!